11.5″ Elevator Jam

11.5″ Elevator Jam

The Salty Merchants

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Designed for jamming fade backs and launching bottom turns yet still amazingly good when on the beak! The Elevators refined tip flex and long, strong rake makes it a spring loaded and explosive rudder suitable for any craft requiring some extra life!

This is the company owners favourite all time template, particularly when used in med length Vee bottoms. The additional height and rake of this fine fin allows you to lean your full weight into turns and put your rail on its furthest edge – without loosing it! This is extremely helpful on wide tail boards.
Also worth a mention; it has been notably suitable for logs in hollow-er or more “down the line” waves when pivot fins are not offering enough forward projection.

– Use in log or mid length
– Comes with hand sewen corduroy case