Nausea - 9’4 Clear

Nausea - 9’4 Clear

Dead Kooks

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Nausea - 9’4 Triple cedar stringer, clear polished finish

(on sale as it was a custom ordered board that has a name written on the foam)

All-round winner.  This is our tried and tested favourite ein the range.  Heavy late 60’s Australian influence, tucked in nose, hips just behind center, even/consistent rocker tip to tip and pinched out foiled rail.  Narrow concave running through the front third, the Nausea has been my go to for a long time. Refined and balanced these work for the experienced surfer or this just getting into longboards.  Comfortable in tight hollow point waves and short beachies, loves to be surfed from all over the board. Loose and driving off the tail, fast through the middle and holds tight on the nose. Can be ridden from 9’0-10’2.