Riches RF

Steph Gilmore on a 5'3 Riches TW


Looking for something shorter.. a clean little fish like our Riches TW, an 80's throwback thruster, something fun for summer slop or a refined shorty for when the waves really light up, we got you covered.

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Not afraid of a little of little foam, you shouldn't be, foam is your friend.  That board to fill the big whole in the middle of your quiver. From knee-high to double overhead out range of midlengths will get the job done.

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Drawing inspiration from days gone, adding modern refinements and working closely with some of the world's best longboarders, our collection of longboards have been tried and tested the world over to bring you the range offer here.

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Riches TW

Highly functional, tried tested and well refined.  The Riches TW is my go-to for most days.  From Californian summer slop to well overhead East Coast points, these are built to be surfed hard and they are just a hell of a lot of fun.  

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This is our tried and tested favourite in the range.  Refined and well balanced these work for the experienced surfer or those just getting into logs.   Loose and driving off the tail, fast through the middle and holds tight on the nose.

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These big blades are one of my favourites in the range. Fast highlines, tight trim, long swooping turns, the feeling of 10ft of rail all in the water at once and realising is high addictive.  Hard to lave these alone once you get started 

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Flatdeck Thruster

Wanting a shortboard for highly critical, tight radius surfing that had the speed and flow that i got from my Riches. Plenty of performance in these no need to pussyfoot, they want to be ridden hard. For best results order with flames.

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