Dead Kooks means nothin’, really.

Years back, fresh out of school, there was a pile of broken boards in my yard. I had a friend spray paint the words "Dead Kooks" and a cross on one of them—it just seemed kinda funny. Around that same time I had been making a few boards, and for fun a friend did up a cheap lam on some tissue with a coffin and the words “Dead Kooks” under it. Without much thought I kept slapping those lams on boards, and now here we are.

Dead Kooks surfboards are built with a keen eye for functional design and stimulating aesthetic details. I personally shape all the boards and work closely with some of the best glass-shops around the world. My focus is crafting custom boards for the individual but I also stock limited runs of my most popular models which have been refined by years of personal R&D and feedback from a mix of some of the world’s best surfers who I’m lucky to work with and call friends.

Spending the year following summer from Byron Bay, Australia to Venice Beach California, I also do frequent surf and shape stints in Hawaii, Japan, Bali and France. The ability to chase swell around the world each year has given me a rich understanding and firsthand experience with what designs work best around the globe. Additionally, it’s given me the chance to collaborate and learn from some of the very best craftsman in the game.
These experiences over the past decade, combined with relationships I’ve developed with insanely talented surfers has afforded me the opportunity to offer you a range of highly refined designs to suit your needs and wants in a board.

Please waste some time on the website, see what speaks to you, and give me a shout—I’d love to hear from you!  My curiosity and desire to shape and further this beautiful craft is stronger than ever.


Eden Saul
Founder/Shaper - Dead Kooks