The more sleek and thinned out longboard in the lineup. A narrow outline, running them nice and refined (team dims are generally 9’5 x 22 9/16 x 2 5/8). A flattened rocker with a little tail kick, a subtle concave running through the front end to a very mellow rolled bottom with a rail band that comes way up, almost meeting the deck which has just a small amount of crown and roll. This keeps them fast and responsive, while being super user friendly for smaller surfers. A go-to for those with a narrower stance and those who drive with a more ‘hips first’ approach (think Kassia or Victoria, compared to the heavy back-foot, knee-driven approach a-la CJ). The Casbah was a while in the making, developed and dialled in over a 3-year period across the California and Mexico coasts, as well as back here on the East Coast of Australia with our dear friend Kassia Meador. Highly comfortable on anything from a more sloped face to something with a tighter pocket. Available from 8’10 - 9’10.