Essentially, the design for this has pulled strong inspiration from the Yin Yang, incorporating some modifications such as shortening the front section by 4 inches and refining its structure and pulling everything in a bit. Following countless sessions and conversations with Dave, and several trips to Fiji and the States where I took only a Yin Yang, I sought a board tailored to navigating really tight pockets and executing more critical backside turns where the tight radius of the wave didn't allow for a longer rail to fit so easily. Thus, the Thang is where we arrived. The rearĀ endĀ retains the essence of the Yin Yang, albeit with some subtle adjustments, ensuring a familiar feel underfoot. This iteration is optimized for maneuverability in confined spaces while maintaining the smooth rail line characteristic of its longer counterpart for the more open faced waves.

These are offering optimal performance when surfed 5-6 inches smaller than you'd typically ride your Yin Yang.